Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Parade & Trick-or-Treat

Can you guess who Lyndon is?....Tom Brady!

@ school we have a Halloween Parade so that everyone can see everyone else's costume. It is a lot of fun.

Halloween isn't one of our 3 parties a year so we  have to follow the food guidelines.  Instead of candy the parents fill goodie bags with trinkets instead.  The kids had a blast digging through their bags.  There are a lot of awesome parents in Lyndon's glass because we had about 15+ items to stuff in the bags.

Still digging for goodies!

On Friday night we cooked spaghetti for supper.  Memere was flying back to Tucson in the morning so we had a dinner together.  Maybe some day I will convince Memere to move to Texas-wishfull thinking.....

Of course Momma and Daddy came as well! :)

We did our Trick-or-Treating in our community on Saturday night so kids wouldn't be up late and on a sugar high on a school night.  Our first stop was Mimi & PawPaw's.

Mimi bought Lyndon a special treat this year instead of candy....a kite!  Of course she topped it off with some candy as well.

Of course we had to fly it immediately.

Cody is showing Lyndon how to unwind the string.

Lyndon was all smiles and had a blast!

The kite was amazing!  

Rolling in all of that string was a chore!  Our next stop was Lyndon's preschool teacher and his babysitter, before heading to PaPa Charlie Boy's.

PaPa had gone to the DG earlier for special gifts for the boys.  Lyndon had a HUGE pencil which he loved, and several candy bars-not mini or bite size-the real deal.  PaPa also always gives Lyndon fruit and as you can see he ate his banana right away.

We then headed to PowPow & PopPop's where Lyndon had his favorite cookies and a Texas Longhorn picture frame.

Our last stop was Memere & Pepere's where we also finished watching the Rangers win game 3.

Lyndon decided to take pictures at this point.  This is the candy bowl he was allowed to help himself to-he didn't over do it either.

His Patriot lunchbox,

his Red Sox's  book,

the piano,


We had a great evening filled with spending time with family.  Even though we didn't make very many stops Lyndon had oodles of candy!!!!  I wonder what my little man will be next year?  Thus far we have been a pumpkin, Elmo, Cookie Monster, cow, robot, shark, & Tom Brady.

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  1. He is the cutest.....I mean most handsome football player!!! Love it!!