Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Last Soccer Game for 2010

Lyndon played his last and coldest soccer game on Saturday.  He had a fabulous year, team, & coaches!  I loved the positive attitude of his coach and she was very sweet to all of the kiddos.

The referee was running a little late and the kiddos are looking for him.

Lyndon scored a couple of goals during his last game.

I will really miss Lyndon being in this age division next year!

Lyndon and another boy on his team get very excited when their team makes a goal.....I think they must have learned this from the high school football boys...

I tried to make soccer ball cookies but they turned out looking pretty disgusting!  They were delicious though......

Lyndon is all smiles with his trophy. As you can see the sun was in Lyndon's eyes.

  You had a great soccer year and we are very proud of you, Lyndon!

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