Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Skiing Day 2

On Monday we woke up and leisurely made our way to the slopes.  Lyndon practiced coming down the mountain with us until his lesson.  Lyndon is working hard at perfecting his skills.  I brought sunglasses for him, but he wanted goggles so we told him if he worked really hard in ski school and didn't just race down the mountain we would buy some.  While Lyndon was in his two hour lesson Cody, Angela, John, & I went to the top of the mountain.  It was my first time to the top since I spent the day before with Lyndon.  I had a lot of fun skiing.  We arrived back to pick-up Lyndon & found him with another instructor which had me a little concerned.  Turns out management made a mistake and even though I paid for the two hours logged him for only one hour and then had Heather booked with someone else.  After I didn't arrive they realized their mistake and another gentleman worked with Lyndon.  Guess I should have just sat there and watched...  Since Lyndon did great in school we went and bought him his goggles.  He is very proud of them!

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