Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break Begins!

Cody, Lyndon, & I left Seymour around 9:00 and headed to Red River, New Mexico.  Lyndon has been extremely excited about snow skiing-he has never been.  We stopped in Amarillo for lunch and wanted to take Lyndon to the famous Texan steakhouse; however, it was 12:30 on a Saturday and the parking lot was packed so we ate at Cracker Barrel instead.  Cody had never eaten at one before and Lyndon loves the gift shop at Cracker Barrel.
We arrived in Red River and unpacked before heading out to pick up our skis, lift tickets, and a quick stop at the grocery store.  We then tried to get in bed semi early because Lyndon had ski school at 8:30.
I was worried about if Lyndon would enjoy skiing or be scared, but he went off with Heather, his ski instructor and appeared to be enjoying it.  Angela and I hung around and watched the boys' in school while the guys went off to ski.  Carter & Grant were in a lesson together with each other. I was trying to locate Lyndon and Heather when then I thought I  saw her, but she was alone on the lift and then I noticed Lyndon sitting all by himself.  I being the 'worry wart' that I am felt sick to see him up there by himself.  I was worried not so much about him falling, but about him being scared and being there all alone.  He did great and told me he wasn't scared at all.  It is amazing what children can do when they are with a stranger-I don't think I would have gotten him on the lift alone.After Lyndon's lunch break Cody and I took him on the bunny slope to practice the 'pizza' and 'zig-zagging'.  The bunny slope is SO small that I could hardly move.  I was trying to stay with Lyndon and was not able to get any speed which made my arms exhausted!  We then took him on the next little slope.  We shouldn't have done that because he still didn't have enough control over his skies.  He skied straight to the bottom in one straight line and was hardly able to stop due to the speed he acquired.  After wiping out a lady (not hurting her thank goodness) we decided we made a mistake by taking him up before he was ready.  Luckily he isn't scared at all, but we have been trying to convince him he can NOT go down the mountain like that because he is going to hurt himself or someone else!By the end of Lyndon's 2nd lesson it became VERY cold.  The wind blew, the sunny disappeared, and it snowed and snowed.  You can see the snow flakes in this picture of Lyndon and Heather.  My camera battery was dead so I had to snap a pictures with my phone.  After visiting with Heather we decided to put Lyndon in another two hour lesson with Heather in the mooring.
After a long day of skiing we all went to Sundance for Mexican food before retiring for the night.

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