Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Capturing Our Family

An extremely talented childhood friend took family pictures for us.  She wanted the location to be a reflection of us as well.  She suggested the Bomarton Catholic Church.  This church is no longer in use, but Cody's mothers' family grew up in this beautiful church making it an ideal location. 

 I love the changes she edited to the photos with color.

Lyndon wanted shots in the balcony of the church, so these are for him.

Then we headed northwest of town to our property that we call the Harris Place.  Cody's grandfather grew-up on this land as a child and Cody and his brother were able to buy the land several years ago to keep it in the family.  I wanted the cows in the background, but they were closer to the road on this chilly morning for them to be anything, but a speck in the distance.


Completely us!  We are a BLESSED family!

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  1. Aww so beautiful!! What a blessed, cute, sweet family!