Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ICE is still Way CooL!!!

Momma treated the grandkids and myself to ICE @ the Gaylord in Grapevine during our Christmas break.  Lyndon, Cody, and I spent the weekend at ICE two years ago and after I bragged about how awesome it was Momma has wanted to bring the kiddos.

It was a nice day-get-away.

It was IMPOSSIBLE to get all 3 kids to look at the camera at the same time.  It was very crowded so I hated to hold others up while we tried to get the perfect pictures.

You can tell Lyndon has learned after 8 years that when I say smile so I can take a picture I mean it. :-)

I don't remember the slide being this neat.....maybe it was.....

Aubrey just slid down.


& Carl.  It was very hard to get a picture on the slide due to the lack of light and the 100,000 people trying to take a picture where I was.

Even these lights are made out of ice.

I thought this tunnel looked amazing!  Two years ago it was icy twigs which I loved just as much.

Of course the Nativity is gorgeous.

It is amazing how they create and preserve the ice.

After ICE we toured the Gaylord grounds enjoying all of the decorations.

Carl & Aubrey loved the fish.

I loved seeing the excitement in the kiddos and the different decorations.

The kids loved the train sets...


the WATER!

Miss Aubrey is being silly.

We went to the Bass Pro Shop for lunch and so the kids could enjoy the fish and animals inside.

Thank you very much Memere for a fun filled day!


  1. Such a fun experience! Looks like y'all had a great time!! I just want to go back to the Gaylord soon! I just got my $99 teacher special e-mail for this weekend... too bad we can't go!

  2. Neat!! ICE is in our plans next year.....wanted to make sure the kids can get the full experience and understand what we are looking at ;) Can't wait now!! Bass Pro and Cabelas are too much fun-we also just go in to see the animals! It is like a trip to the zoo ;) What a sweet grandma and mommy for such a FuN day!!