Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Break+Craigslist=FuN

I have been hunting for a china cabinet for several years, but finally really started looking in October.  I found this gem about an hour away for less than it cost to fill my vehicle up!  I love a bargain!!!!!!  The wife wanted a new china cabinet for Christmas.....not sure if she knows what a fun piece she was selling!  It was perfect for me.  After painting and then 'beating it up' it is just perfect for me!

Initially I wanted to display my china in it, but decided on this for starters.

Here is the before-dark & dated!  I love all of the storage: there is a shelf on one side and then a drawer on the top part of the left cabinet.
I also found, on Craigslist, a dresser for Lyndon's room (pictures turned out horrible so I'll post later) and Cody bought a camper travel trailer.  We enjoyed finding bargains, but they also took a lot of waiting and searching to get the best item for the best price.  We both had fun.


  1. OH WOW! What a difference some paint and "beating" can make. It is gorgeous! I love what you've done!

  2. Oh~La~La!!! I LOVE this piece!! You did good! It really looks nice and such a pretty piece to display your dishes! Ones trash is anothers treasure.......amazing what a little creativity and paint can do ;)