Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lyndon's 'Panther Pride' Award

At the end of every six weeks period the elementary principal organizes a pep rally to honor the students accomplishments.  Mrs. Exum and Ms. Brooke always put on a very comical performance.  This time it was about joining the 'PowerTeam'.  The Powerteam had come a few days before to speak to the students about the importance of making good choices, saying 'No' to harmful things such as drugs and alcohol, and not bullying.  The students were all very impressed with the show.  In the pep rally Ms. Brooke was training to be on the PowerTeam and was trying to get Mrs. Exum to train as well.Ms. Brooke is trying to blow up a balloon until it pops-they PowerTeam blew up a hot water bottle(used for aches and pains) until it exploded.Lyndon received the boy 'Panther Pride' award from Mrs. Gregg.  Usually he is very good to stop and look because he knows I will be taking a picture, but I think he was so surprised that he was in a mad dash back to his spot.  Thankfully Mrs. Gregg and Mrs. Exum caught his attention!Lyndon was also recognized for his perfect attendance.  He is VERY proud of this recognition! We are so blessed to have such an adorable and smart child!  We are very proud of you, Lyndon!

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