Friday, January 15, 2010

Fun with Blaine

Last Thursday we picked Blaine up from school since Margie went dress shopping with Chelsea.  Lyndon was so excited that he decided to skip Rosie's (very unusual for him to want to do).  They both went back to school with me for about 45 minutes. Blaine then wanted to go to his house so we did for a little while.  They jumped on the trampoline and played XBox 360 (I think that was what it was...) before wanting to come out to our house.They threw the football around with the puppies trying to help before we took Blaine home so everyone could get their homework done.  Blaine tried to help Lyndon on his catching.  We had a fun afternoon.  Blaine is so good with Lyndon!  Hopefully we can do it again soon.  We just love those boys!Sidenote: It was freezing outside last week and I mean below freezing.  Horrible that I let them out in it I am sure.  They both wanted gloves but would only wear hoodies.  They didn't stay out too long...

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