Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years' Eve & Day

On New Years' Eve I packed Christmas up!  It is always depressing to take it down and leaves my house dark and empty feeling.  My style of packing doesn't involve much.  My philosophy is why waste time wraping everything individually when it is just going to sit still until next year... I pretty much just fill the container so full that they have no room to move-saves time too!That evening we went to visit Josh, Rafella, and Benjamin in their new house.  Josh built their home himself and it is beautiful!  What a talent Josh has.  Lyndon enjoyed playing with Benjamin as you can see from the photos.  We enjoyed a delicious rib dinner and French toast for breakfast!Lyndon also enjoyed playing with their new kitten and thinks we should trade them our two puppies for the kitten-sounds GREAT to me!!!  It's a steal: 2 for 1!!!! Unfortunately Rafella wasn't feeling too well since her body is pulling double duty with a baby!  I finally retired a little after 1:30 and Cody followed shortly.  What party animals we were!Lyndon and Benjamin played outside before we left on Friday.We ran a few errands before heading home.  I finished cleaning the house since taking down Christmas always leaves such a mess while Cody went deer hunting.  On New Years' the moon was huge and bright so we had to set the telescope up.  Unfortunately you can't see much when the moon is full because it is too bright to see details on it or anything else.  Lyndon just lights up when he uses the telescope-& Daddy...  I prefer for them to find something while I stay in the warm house and then I will run out to view it!  We can't wait to take it camping!We wish everyone a blessed New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year! I have to say, your house looks like it should be in country living or bhg mag. I want to see all that stuff in person next year. Hope your chirstmas was wonderful. Love Yall!