Saturday, January 30, 2010

THE Basketball Goal

Lyndon has been dying to run on my treadmill so I finally let him for a little bit today.  He was all smiles!  I am clueless as to why he all of a sudden he wants to run on it-it's not new!Lyndon's basketball goal is finally up and he is excited!  He had one of the portable ones, but the wind blew it over and broke the backboard off.  He now has one in the ground that is adjustable so he will be able to adjust it as he grows taller. He talked PowPow and PopPop into a game.  Lyndon and PopPop against PowPow-fair?????  Lyndon also struggles with  'walking'!Ignore the pathetic trampoline net-Texas wind!!!I am not sure if Lyndon is throwing or catching-funny stance.Lyndon has shot baskets everyday since Cody put up his goal except these past few days of ice and snow.  We have played Pig, Horse, Horses (had to add the extra letter in hopes he would make a come-back), Football, Football Goal, you name it!

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  1. Love the goal & how appropriate for any little one! It won't be long and we will have to invest but for now our fisher-price 3 footer will do! I love that he adds those letters to play with the words-too cute!!