Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fun with Michael

This post is about two weeks past due; I totally forgot about it. A couple of weeks ago we picked Lyndon's friend, Michael (they say they are 'best buddies') up and we did whatever the two of them wanted. First we went to Pizza Hut and ate pizza. The boys really enjoyed the big TVs with sports highlights on! They acted like they knew all about the 20+ teams they talked about-quite cute! We then went to the mall to play arcade games. We were all extremely disappointed with the arcade because almost everything cost at LEAST $1! They pooled their tokens together to do some of the games and were very frustrated when it only lasted 1minute or less! They then decided to go bowling. They wanted just the two of them to bowl-thought they were grown-up I think.... It was fine with me because it gave me time to just sit and enjoy them and take a few pictures with my phone (reason for lack of quality). They were so cute because they put their arm around each other and watched the ball roll down the lane. Michael ended up winning all of the games which he was excited about. Lyndon wasn't excited about that part; we are definitely going to have to work on the 'sore sport' problem!!
There was another group of kids next to us celebrating one of the little boy's birthdays. As we left I noticed that on his present table he had several bags of dog food and cat food and a few cards. Once we were in the car I asked the boys if they noticed the present table, but they hadn't. I told them what I had seen and they both had a look of disbelief. They wanted to know why. I thought maybe he loved animals and had received a new pet for Christmas. A few days later I noticed the little boy’s picture on the front page of the Times Record News. A wonderful article was written about the little boy and the true story behind the pet food. He had decided after seeing those heart breaking TV commercials of abused animals being rescued that he didn't need anymore presents, since his birthday was so close to Christmas.  He instead invited his friends to donate pet food or $ that he donated to the local animal shelter. He had several pets of his own and had rescued a few of them himself. What a kind hearted young man!

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