Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Party Time

It always rains on the weekend closest to Lyndon's birthday so after checking the forecast we decided to have his party on the 18th!  Lyndon picked the theme, LEGOS!!!!We always enjoy having a crowd out to the house to help celebrate Lyndon's birthday.The kiddos seemed to have a great time with the trampoline, swing set, hammock, footballs, outside toys and each other.It was a little windy so Cody cooked the hotdogs away from the house so that everyone was smothered in smoke.  This became the 'Man' hang out.Mimi and Aubrey opted for the air conditioner.Lyndon enjoyed all of his presents and now has oodles of thank yous to write!With two football games on; Texas Longhorns and Notre Dame there was a lot of in and out catching the latest scores.& then we had our own football game.Aubrey wanted her picture taken.  This is her serious face...her silly face....& her mean face!  Doesn't she look ferocious???The kids then decided to catch crickets.  You can definitely find plenty of them out where we live!Lyndon asked for trick candles so I bought some sparkler candles and some relight candles.We are blessed to have such a great family and a great group of friends.  We had a great night!

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  1. What a cute party and a fun theme! Birthdays are a ton of work! What happened to the birthdays like ours where there was cake at the park? :)