Sunday, September 5, 2010

USS Lexington-Part 1

We toured the USS Lexington on our 1st day in CC.  We all loved it!  Cody and I were surprised we enjoyed it as much as we did.  It was extremely hot and lots of the areas are small and not air conditioned-not good when you're claustrophobic.  I did pretty well though.The scale of everything is amazingly humongous!Cody and Lyndon love these things-I always have a hard time seeing anything in them.Cody and Lyndon went inside this canon.  I opted out because it was small, dark, hot, and crowded-too claustrophobic for me.Such a cute captain!This first aid box was half the size of Lyndon.Captain's Quarters.Lyndon enjoyed the flight/fighting simulators.Cody answering customer questions and checking on the wheat market.There are waiting on the barber.

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