Saturday, September 4, 2010

Corpus Arrival

At the beginning of August we took a little family vacation to Corpus Christi.  Lyndon has been wanting to go to the beach for some time and we decided to make it our summer trip this year.  We left late on Thursday afternoon and made it to San Antonio were we spent the night.  We had already eaten supper in Fredricksburg.  We laughed about our supper experience for the rest of the trip.  The restaurant was a seafood and steak grill that turned out to be more like Luby's.  We thought the advertisement was very misleading.
Lyndon being silly.  Cody bought Lyndon a package of Big League Chew because he had never tried it before-he didn't like it though.Lyndon has had fun with the latest 'Silly Band' craze and of course Cody and I had to sport our own selection-Lyndon insisted.Lyndon had a little accident with his slinky so Cody spent time untangling while I drove into CC.Once we arrived in CC we HAD to stop at the beach 1st!Lyndon was all smiles and very excited.Lyndon immediately started collecting shells.Wow, the sun was bright!After exploring the beach for a little we checked into our hotel.  Our reservations were awesome!!!!  I booked at the Omni, which is extremely kid friendly.  Lyndon had a backpack full of goodies, cookies and milk delivered at night, kid craft room activity each day.  I purchased the family package which also came with our tickets for the US Lexington, Texas State Aquarium, and meal vouchers.  The package was for a family of 4 so I gave our extra USS Lexington and STSA ticket to a family we found on our way in the entrance of each exhibit.This is the view from our balcony.After unpacking we ate lunch at Landry's.  It was delicious!!!!  My favorite meal of the trip.We then headed over the big huge bridge to the USS Lexington.

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  1. What a fun vacation!! And Lyndon looks SO happy~the kids + the beach =success!!! Glad yall had a great trip. We also share the love of the beach. It is just so easy to play in sand and water all day! It really brings the kids out in everyone! How has your first few weeks been? I know you are LOVING those little ones and they are loving you!! That is one of my favorite ages/grades!!