Sunday, September 5, 2010

USS Lexington-Part 2

Not the same as our King size bed...It was amazing how many rooms and the facilities available on board.  I wouldn't have thought about dentist, optometrist, ....but they would need all of those.Cody was blown away by this machine shop-he said they had everything you could possible need in it.There was even a chapel.Cody and Lyndon rode the flight simulator and I wanted to so badly, but there was a huge sign warning you if you're claustrophobic and that kept me from trying it-.  They loved it though.We also watched a movie in the theatre on board about the training they do in Nevada-the name has left me....Red something......We had a great time on board the USS Lexington and enjoyed looking at it at night as well.  It is called the Blue Ghost and if you see it at night you would understand why (also received name due to Japanese reporting her sunk no less than 4 times, but she kept on fighting).
The statistics of the ship are unreal.  A few of them include: more people can sleep on board the USSL than any hotel in the world will hold, was thought to be sunk several times, crew consumed 660 pounds of meat, 165 gallons of milk, and 97 dozen eggs a day-unbelievable!
While on the USL I gained a new level of compassion and gratitude to the men and women who have served our country in the past, present, and future.  Their duty is beyond repayable and I now that I am not strong enough to make the sacrifices that they do.  
Thank you and we are proud and blessed to be an American!

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  1. We really enjoyed the USS Lexington as well! Such a FUN day and very interesting. I thought all of those facts were AMAZING too-WoW!! Once we got home Brant talked to his PawPaw who was on this ship a few times and told Brant some stories about the "Blue Ghost" disappearing and just appearing in the middle of WWII! Great Pics-thanks for sharing!!!