Sunday, September 19, 2010

Joe's Crab Shack & The Trip Home

We walked to Joe's Crab Shack for supper on Saturday night.We had a gorgeous view as we waited to be seated.Lyndon and I occupied ourselves while we waited....I promise I didn't go to eat with wet hair-too much humidity!On the menues they advertised taking your picture through the port hole and uploading it to FB for entry into a contest.  We took the pictures but didn't upload to FB.We had a wonderful time on vacation!  We were sad to leave but very eager to get home!!!!  We aren't the type of family that likes to be gone for very many nights.This is the Dallas Cowboys' training camp in San Antonio.NO FAIR!!!!! :-)  Oh, well Lyndon and I had some funny conversations while Cody was taking a power nap.

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