Monday, September 6, 2010

Night @ the Beach

After we toured the USS Lexington we went on the hunt for sand toys-should have bought them before we arrived in CC-Yikes, they charge an arm and a leg there.  Lyndon and I had to be silly-this was the entrance for the store.Do they look ready for the beach or what?!Lyndon loved swimming, waves, looking for shells, digging.....We also found that when you have a neat boat-kids will come! :-)  We didn't mind.  I felt obligated to watch this little boy and girl because their dad wasn't, he kept his nose stuck in his magazine-I saw him glance at them maybe once in the several hours we were there-sad!The Blue Ghost outside our hotel room.Once we arrived back at the hotel Lyndon decided to be silly in the shower cap while Cody ordered pizza.


  1. Our vacations were so much the same.....we also have the kids in the shark mouth entrance at South Padre~I guess great minds think alike!! Fun Beach Pics!!

  2. We did the CC vacation last summer and had a blast, too.

  3. Looks like a really fun vacation!