Sunday, September 19, 2010

First Day of 2nd Grade

I can't believe Lyndon is in 2nd Grade....Time sure does fly by!Lyndon's 1st Day of School surprise is a bubble, stomp rocket!Lyndon and his teacher, Mrs. Montgomery.I found this adorable idea in a magazine.  In Germany children receive a cone filled with goodies for the first day of school.  I ordered one for Lyndon and plan on refilling it each year.  Traditionally the children receive the cone the night before school; however, Lyndon's came in the mail on the 1st day of school so he opened it after school.  It was filled with a dinosaur pencil sharpener, markers and stencils, a school bus cookie, a little bag of candy, animal hand tattoos, and a little stuffed dog.Lyndon is loving his teacher and being in 2nd Grade!


  1. What a great Mom you are and what a great start to the school year!! Hope your year is going great!

  2. You are such a great mom! I always tell you this, and I mean it, you are such an inspiration to me, both in the mom and teacher categories!