Sunday, September 19, 2010

Port Aransas

Momma recommended that we eat at Water Street while in Corpus.  After the aquarium we grabbed a bite before heading over to Port Aransas.The ferry ride was worth the wait but 1 1/2 hours to wait was a long time!!!!We were disappointed in the beach.  It was crowded, dirty, and kind of reminded me of what you hear Padre is like on spring break.  Not the type of place I wanted my 8 year old.  Even Cody mentioned we probably didn't need to stay long and that is surprising-usually I am the one always worried and he is Mr. Laid Back.We had fun watching these surfers.We paid to go out onto the pier and saw oodles of sea life.  Look closely in these pictures and you can see the schools of fish.Three sting rays.Jellyfish.Our trip back across-another 1 1/2 hour wait.This was another reason we didn't swim-100s of jellyfish were in the water and on the beach.  Most of them were so tiny you couldn't see them until you almost stepped on them.
Even though the ferry ride waiting line was very long, and we didn't swim, it was AWESOME to see all of the sea life!

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  1. We ate at Water Street on our vacation too. I noticed it was highly recommended in one of the travel magazines.

    We used to go to Port A every summer when I was little, but eventually stopped because it started to get dirty, just like you mentioned. I have a lot of good memories there, though. So glad y'all had fun!