Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Lyndon

Eight years ago on September 11th the most amazing miracle was given to me.  I have never loved anything as much or been so proud as I was and am now to be Lyndon's momma.  Lyndon you truly are a blessing.

We started the morning off with Lyndon opening one of his birthday presents, an overnight bag for his luggage.We then headed to WF for hair cuts.  Heather greeted Lyndon with an oatmeal cookie.  Lyndon picked lunch and I knew where he would pick before I asked, Hunan's.  Lyndon loves the sesame chicken.  I even let him have DP to drink-he didn't drink the hole cup thank goodness...maybe 1/4.We ran several errands and he wanted to check out one of the new Halloween rides at the mall.  I hate the fact that he is too big to ride them, but love the fact that he still wants to ride them!After several errands we stopped by Margie's Sweetshop for some birthday dessert.  We sat and ate while Hannah Montana was on the TV.  After finishing our errands we stopped in town to pick up a friend to spend the night.  This is the 1st time a non-cousin has spent the night.Before heading out to camp Lyndon opened his last two gifts from us.A glow in the dark UglyDoll....&....a sleeping bag with all of the AFC football teams on the lining.  #1 in Lyndon's book is the Patriots!We then loaded everything onto the Bushhog.  The Clampet's (a.k.a. Wright's) go Camping!!!!!Our camping location is land that we lease north of our house about 1/2 a mile from our front door.  The land is called The Breaks and is beautiful.While Cody and I set up the tent the boys dug a hole for the fire.The boys packed plenty of toys.For supper the boys wanted to roast hot dogs and Cody cooked sausage and steak.  
On the way to the campsite a bobcat ran out in front of us, Cody killed a rattlesnake 8feet from our campsite, and on our way home several turkeys ran across the trail.  After the snake I was tent bound and checked the zippers on the tent maybe a minimum of 10 times before bed.In the morning Cody cooked bacon for bacon sandwiches-yummy.Cody took this pictures of my doo.  My ponytail holder broke while we were setting up the tent and I HAD to find something...luckily this extra tie was in the tent bag.  There are two things I must have; chap stick and a ponytail holder.Home again!
We had a wonderful time!  The boys played wonderful and were very well behaved.
Happy birthday, Lyndon, you mean the world to us!
Lyndon you love school even though you think the macho thing is to say you don't.  You are also very lucky to be a smart boy with a great memory.  You love to spend time at your grandparents and even spend the night; however, you still call for me to come get you occasionally at bedtime.  You have never spent the night with a friend-I'm not sure if you are ready for that.  You are happy and silly.  You love to trick people or be silly.  You're favorite teams are the Celtics, Red Socks, and the Patriots.  You enjoy playing football outside at recess.  You love to go to the Seymour Panther football games and you love anything #8 (Bartons' #).  You love to build Legos, watch Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Zack and Cody.  You love junk food, but also love healthy things.  You still do not like beans or mashed potatoes.  You love going to Rosemary's after school and playing in the dirt pile & swimming with the others especially your buddy, Michael.
We love you!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Lyndon!

    Kade has two Ugly Dolls and thinks they are the greatest thing! I have to take my boys camping--that looks like so much fun.

    Thanks for sharing.