Monday, February 7, 2011

SuperBowl 45

We had a lot of fun yesterday lounging around the house before the big game.  Lyndon played Webkinz while all of his Webkinz watched.

We made fake snow from a science kit Lyndon received for Christmas.

We made colored crystals also from the science kit.

Lyndon made a chocolate cake which is delicious!!!!!
Cody made lots of delicious junk to eat like cheese sticks and a mexican dip.  We watched 'Despicable Me' after church which I thought was cute.
Lyndon was going to watch the big game at Memere's, but after I saw E! and they gave insight to the commercials which would be airing I wanted Lyndon to be with me so I could monitor.  WHY do they have to have commercials like they do?????  I could get on my soap box!!!!!  I knew of the Kim K commercial and was ready to flip channels every time it was a commercial break.  Luckily Lyndon had already gone to bed before it aired.  It's a shame that the millions of children who love sports can't also view the commercials...... Okay, I'll stop, I could go on and on!
*My favorite commercial was the tire commercial with the beaver who saved the mans life & the one I laughed the hardest at were the Doritos commercials.
*Lyndon and Cody were routing for the Packers: Cody really didn't care and I don't know why Lyndon wanted the Packers to win, but he did. :-)  I went for the Steelers only because during the Star Spangle Banner the majority of the Steeler players seemed to be at attention with their hand on their heart.  I love it when players set good examples and show our country respect.
*Cody thought it would be green gatorade, I thought yellow, and Lyndon picked red.  We were all wrong when it was orange-just like last year!

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