Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Snow Day

Today (It took me 2 days to upload the video with my slow internet.) we had our 1st Snow Day!  The weather has been a topic of discussion since last week.  I really wish we would have had more snow fall.  We really need the moisture, but every little bit helps.

The snow wasn't good for snowman building as it is too dry.  It has looked like a blizzard for most of the morning.  It began last night with what I would call hail...BB-pea size and it seemed to cover the ground quickly.  Then the wind blew and whirled snow everywhere.

Lyndon and I have had the fireplace burning log after log all day!

Lyndon has spent part of his day camped out in front of the Wii.

& the rest of Lyndon's day has been spent outside.  Kids are tough!  I would only let him stay out for about 10-15 minutes at a time because the temperature hasn't been over 20 degrees since yesterday.  I don't know what the wind chill is but they said it would be subzero.  I was trying to explain to Lyndon why he couldn't stay out for long periods of time and tried to explain frostbite.  The next time he went out he said, "I bet I get snow burned this time."  Got to love it!

Lyndon thought he didn't need his scarf, but that lasted about 5 seconds.

Lyndon enjoyed playing in the snow drifts.

This has been the scene all day.  I toss them into the dryer to dry and then he goes back out for a few minutes, over and over.  Such a fun day, though!

Lyndon has made snow-ice cream, snow milk, snow coke, & snow green tea for me.  Unfortunately the snow has specs of dirt from the wind, but Lyndon insisted we try it.

Jake has enjoyed the snow as well and came out to play for a little while.
It won't be fun making up our snow day, but it sure has been fun today!  Late start tomorrow??????? I'm hoping!...As I am waiting on my video to upload I received a text.....School is delayed until 10 in the morning!  Lyndon is excited!!!!!


  1. Very cute video. Yall got way more snow than we did it looks like. I enjoyed the day off and the late start but i am ready to get everyone back on track this week.

  2. Such a cute video! I love the music you put to it--Layton even started dancing to it.

    My goodness, Jake has grown. We have a bottle calf right now--they are so much fun.