Sunday, May 12, 2013

Great Teachers

Lyndon enjoyed picking out his gifts for his teachers for last weeks, Teacher Appreciation Week.  On Monday he gave them each a Subway gift card because he knew they enjoy getting their lunch from there.

On Tuesday they each received a bottle of nail polish in which he carefully selected the color for each teacher.
On Wednesday they received car air fresheners from Bath & Body Works.  Each case was specifically picked for the teacher as well as the fragrance. (I forgot to take a picture)

Thursday was a flower.

 On Friday they received a book donated to the SES library in their honor. (forgot to take pic)
We also made Oreo balls fro the SES staff, since it takes not just a great teacher each year, but a great staff in which everyone works together.

Thank you to SES I can't believe this is Lyndon's last year.....We are apprehensive about SMS, but I know after the first day jitters everything will be great!

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