Thursday, February 26, 2015

VERSATILE Dealer Meeting

February 2014 Cody and I had the pleasure of being able to travel to the VERSATILE Dealer Meeting in San Diego.  We met Momma and Daddy there since we planned our flights as late as possible to eliminate too much time away from Lyndon and school.  Cody didn't understand why we needed to go and thought he should stay to work-typical Cody!  The three of us knew of the importance, but it was all a surprise for Cody. 

The meeting location was stunning!!!!!  All the festivities were held at Rancho Bernardo Inn.  The facilities are very relaxing, beautiful, and reminded me of Old Hollywood.

I was especially lucky because while everyone else had meetings to attend I was able to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery  and attend the 'spouses activity', a tour and lunch at a local winery.

My photographs do NOT do justice to the vineyard-it was beautiful!!!

I learned a lot of interesting facts: the wine barrels are only used for a very short amount of time and the labor, materials, craftsmanship put into the barrels was very wonder so many wines are expensive.  I can't remember the exact figures since I am so late posting this, but each barrel cost around a $1000 from start to finish.

The barrels must be rotated often.

Once the tour was complete wine tasting was served overlooking the vineyards and mountains which lunch following.

I visited with several different ladies from various areas.  Some were from Canada, and it was interesting to hear about the differences in their school systems.  The women from areas within the US had stories of their farming and weather-many of which were having a lot of issues dealing with too much rain and snow.........the complete opposite from us.

Bats are very important to vineyards!

Once I arrived back at Rancho Bernardo I walked around waiting for a meeting I was asked to attend.  
I found a rabbit munching on the lush grass.

The Tractor Shop's area rep which covers several states recognized the top 3 dealers he serves with The Tractor Shop being one of them.

Being that I love architecture and design I always have to take pictures of our rooms.

The ceiling was my favorite!

After a full day of meetings for everyone and fun for me we enjoyed the hot tub before the banquet.

We began with cocktails around the pool.  Everything was beautiful and my photography once again failed.  I was a little nervous around the pool: in heels, in the dark with candlelight and meandering around visiting-didn't want to be the klutz that fell in.
Dinner was a delicious five course meal.  Once dessert arrived Cody made the comment we should leave soon, since we had to wake up early to catch our flight home.  I told him we needed to stay longer and hoped he wouldn't press the subject again.
Various awards were given and finally they announced the new award for the year.  Versatile was giving a Groundbreaker award to the top salesman in Canada and the United States. Shockingly, Cody was the recipient of the United States award, which he had NO idea about.  He then realized WHY it was so important for us to attend and why I told him we needed to stay longer.

Finally getting to read his award.  He was beyond surprised.

We were fortunate Momma and Daddy provided a private chauffeur who picked us up at the airport and took us back.  It eliminated all of the stress of managing traffic, returning a rental car, and worrying about getting lost or being late!  We really were spoiled!!!!

More pictures of Rancho Bernardo Inn.

We had a wonderful time and I am VERY proud of Cody for all of his hard work and dedication!  He LOVES his job and we are fortunate Momma and Daddy have built a dealership in which they all get to work together; having fun and serving our local farmers and ranchers.


  1. What a accomplishment for Cody, Congtraz. Looks like you had a great trip, that hotel is beautiful!

  2. What a neat accomplishment! Congrats, Cody! Looks like you are catching up today on blogging, too.