Friday, June 4, 2010

Auction Table

Here is my 1st paint gun project...  I redid this table to donate for an auction benefiting a coworker of mine whose son has had numerous care flights to Cook's Children's Center this year due to two different accidents.  He is now doing great.  Prayers are answered!Here is the before-as you can see it needed help!As I worked on it I kept telling Cody I really want to paint it white and keep it! :-)My table turned out to be a hit with several bids placed.  The bid winner was my 3rd Grade teacher!  I remember how much I loved her in 3rd grade!I had a lot of fun redoing this little side table.  My next project is the dresser I use as a buffet table that was my dad's in his bachelor days.  It has been redone several times, but needs a facelift once again! & I also have about 8 ga-millon other things!


  1. Your table is awesome! Wish I could have been at the benefit and had a chance at buying it.

    The baby owl made its way back to the barn, because we saw it the next day. I couldn't believe our big dog left it alone, but then again he is kind of a scaredy cat. His tick collar came off today and he barked at it for an hour!

    Hope you have a wonderful summer!


  2. Love that table! Maybe someday I'll make the investment and get a spray gun...