Friday, June 4, 2010

Mother's & Father's Day @ School

The 1st Grade teachers at SES put on a fabulous Mother's/Father's Day program each year.  The students learn songs, make crafts, and make the event wonderful!The program begins with the students singing to us.  The teachers also have the stage decorated.Here Lyndon is at the welcome bench.The students draw a picture of their parents and write about them.  I already packed Lyndon's in his 1st grade box and it is in storage, but I will get it down and add his comments.  They were very sweet and comical!Lyndon & Daddy.Lyndon & Mimi!Lyndon & Memere.The 3 of us.Lyndon & Momma.Lyndon, Pop Pops, & Pow Pow.We then ate lunch with Lyndon.  Or actually he ate while we all visited with each other.
The program was wonderful.  Thank you Lyndon for putting forth your best effort and to the 1st grade teachers!  I also owe my coworkers a huge thank you for watching my students while I attended Lyndon's activities!

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