Friday, September 23, 2011

9 Fabulous Years Old

On 9-11 we celebrated Lyndon's 9th birthday!  It seems impossible that 9 years have already flown by!

His 1st gift was a personalized '9' t-shirt with locker stickers, bouncy ball,  and a note as to the location of his next gift.

He wanted to collect them all before opening more.

Panther hat....


Cody and Lyndon being SiLlY!!!!!

We then went to WF fall TExas Roadhouse and Put-Put golf.
Lyndon was not happy even though this pictures looks as if he is when they came to sing 'Happy Birthday'.  He was embarrassed!

 We had fun golfing before heading home.

On Monday I brought a big cookie cake and drink pouches to Lyndon's classroom.  They were all a little silly as the pictures depict.

 We are so proud of Lyndon and wish the past 9 years hadn't flown by so quickly.  You are a very kind, smart, thoughtful, creative, & loving child.  You love sports, animals, Legos, tractors, time with your friends, and family time.  You are proud of who you are and have begun to stand up for yourself or standout from the crowd when you deem necessary.  You are very sensitive and your feeling get hurt easily, but you disguise those feelings in public.  I couldn't ask for a better truly are a gift from God!  We love you more than anything!  Happy Birthday Birthday Boy!

 Lyndon decorated his locker with his locker stickers.

 We LOVE you to Tucson and back, the moon and back, and around the world a million-jillion times!

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