Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our LIttle Entrepreneur

Lyndon is very creative and made a desk out of the landscape cover for his 'was' train, but 'now' Lego table.  He sold picture that he drew and colored as well as ice cold water to Cody and I.  He had tax, receipts, & a tip can.

Signs leading to the restroom.

Yikes, this is the wrong way for shoppers!
Lyndon carried his business over to The Tractor Shop where he created a snack cart.  He used his $ to buy snacks at the DG and then sold his snacks to the vulnerable HOT employees.  Lyndon watched the clock for several days and made his rounds.

He and a friend even set up a snack service at his house.  Lyndon had been saving the $ for Lego roads. The first day Memere took Lyndon to DG to buy snacks he was VERY concerned about using his $ for fear his items wouldn't sell and he would be out the $.  Of course he sold out daily!  It was a great life lesson in business.

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  1. That is adorable......he is the cutest little guy! He is constantly keeping you on your toes! I LOVE all the signs he made at your house~too CuTe!!