Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of 3rd Grade

 I can't believe Lyndon is in 3rd grade!  My first year of teaching was in 3rd grade when Lyndon was only one year old!  I thought it would be decades before Lyndon was that big and now it seems like yesterday!
Lyndon's morning began with his favorite...pancakes, but he was too nervous to eat more than a few bites.  He then opened his 1st Day of School Cone filled with a few goodies.

I then hurried out the door since I had to be at school extra early for the 1st day.  Cody and Lyndon came later.

Such a 'big' kid!

Lyndon with his homeroom teacher.  They change classes in 3rd grade which Lyndon is loving.  Why didn't I think to get a picture with the other two teachers???????  Lyndon is also super excited about having a locker this year.  We had it organized before the 1st day-he couldn't wait!  I also didn't get a picture of it..... I can tell I was frazzled!
Lyndon had a great day and after school Memere took him for his 1st Day of School ice cream at DQ.  Lyndon was then Mr. Silly as the pictures portray!

I am excited to watch Lyndon grow and learn in 3rd grade.  He has three awesome teachers and already loves them all.  Yeah, to a great 1st Day of School!

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