Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lake & 6 Flags

A week ago we headed to PK for the day.  We had a great time visiting and floating with friends inside Hell's Gate.  Lyndon floating with his orange soda.
On Sunday night Lyndon spent the night at Blaine's house.  This was Lyndon's 1st sleepover besides grandparents and cousins.  I worried all night, but he did great! 
On Monday Lyndon and I headed to Six Flags.

Wet from standing on the bridge at Aqua Man.

Lyndon rode this balloon ride alone because he wanted to spin the cart which was making me sick.

Enjoying the train.

My personal driver on the old cars.

Lyndon won a cape!

 We tried the Judge Royce Scream again this year, but Lyndon still doesn't like the big roller coasters so we had fun with the milder rides.

Lyndon decided he was too small for this truck so he sat in the back instead.

As we were leaving a grandfather and two  kids about 9-12 years old bungy jumped ( or whatever it's called when you hang with your belly face down and are pulled stories behind you before being released to swing.)  Lyndon couldn't believe they would do that.  It made my heart drop when they were released I can't imagine what it felt like to them.  I think I would have a heart-attack!

We had a lot of fun, but couldn't WAIT to get home for a SHOWER!!!!!

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