Tuesday, August 16, 2011

River Walk Night #2

Saturday we began the day with Alamo at the Imax followed by touring the Alamo.

We then did a Mirror Maze which was crazy!!!!!  Lyndon loved it.


We then went to Ripley's for a 4D video.

The video was skateboarding and snowboarding.  It was really neat!

I've never felt so short until I stood by a replica of the tallest man in the world.

We then swam at the hotel before heading back out onto the river walk.

We also enjoyed another boat ride since it was a favorite.

Outdoor stage entertainment.

My favorite building again.

Famous building-law school turned 5 star hotel.

Lyndon wanted to eat here once I explained the concept of being rude.  He thought it sounded like a lot of fun; however, I feel confident he would not enjoy it once the table turned.  Since Cody andI haven't eaten their either we were unsure if it was appropriate for children.

This is where we ate lunch.

Our hotel.

Super last night.

A fun place for next time.

The mall.

A gift from another country, but I can't remember which one.

Lyndon was very excited that he was aloud ice cream so late at night!

Mr. Silly!  I bought this hat; however Lyndon loved it!  I must admit he looked much better in it.  He wore it for much of the trip and he received numerous complements.  One lady insisted on knowing where it was purchased.

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  1. That tall man photo is CuTe.....I stood beside the "largest" lady and got my photo. It made me feel much better after a vacation with little exercise and lots of yummy food -lol =) San Antonio is a great city!!