Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday 2 Grandmemere

Each child picked out a present for Grandmemere.  Lyndon picked out a wreath, 

Aubrey picked out a trellis, & 

Carl picked out a birdhouse.

We took Grandmemere to lunch at one of her favorite restaurants, Olive Garden.

 Grandmemere took the kids to a magician store since they loved the magician.  They were memorized by all of the tricks.  Each child picked out a magic trick and after payment was made the magician showed each child how to perform their trick.  I think magic tricks are more fun not knowing how they're performed because they seem so obvious when you figure out the trick.
 A week later we were back on the road headed home.  Each kid received a mini pillow pet as a surprise.
I wish Tucson wasn't so far or better yet that they all lived here!

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