Sunday, December 11, 2011

Decorations, Snow, & UIL

Is this ridiculous?  I am thinking that it is especially for our small little home.  This is all of our Christmas decorations.  I did sort through things this year.  I have been in a 'Less is More' mood for over a year so it was time to purge.

 I took my 1st ever personal day to stay home and get things accomplished.  It was a WONDERFUL day & I could use a day like that monthly for sure.  I had plans to hit the ground running as soon as I dropped Lyndon off at school, but Mother Nature had a surprise for us......

our 1st Snow of the season.  It was beautiful & school was delayed, which meant I spent until 10:00 playing in the snow & building a snowman with Lyndon.  It was a lot of fun!

The snow was perfect for a snowman!

On Wednesday Lyndon competed in the U.I.L. Academic Meet.  I was a nervous wreck all day-it was his first year and I worried about him getting lost!  He had great sponsors who kept me informed throughout the day & made sure he made his way to each meet.  Lyndon participated in Spelling and was the alternate in Music Memory for 3rd grade.  I was very proud of him.  It was definitely an experience for him.  His spelling test was on the computer, which was a surprise to both he and I.  


  1. Wow I cant beleive how much snow yall got. We did not get that much, mostly just rain. Snowman is cute! I got your christmas card and it is very cute! Thanks! Merry Christmas!

  2. I am doing the less is more this year too with my Christmas decorations. I just don't have time anymore to put up or take down either.

    Congrats to Lyndon on participating in two events--that is awesome!