Friday, December 30, 2011

God's Greatest Gift

 The 3rd graders at our church pick their part in the Christmas play.  After the 3rd grade picks their parts the other parts are then given to the older students.  I teach the 3rd & 4th grade class and have for years so the play is definitely memorized by myself, but the students must memorize their lines.  Lyndon wanted to be one of the 3 Kings.  Lyndon actually had a speaking part when he was in kindergarten when the student to be Joseph was home sick.  I bribed Lyndon into playing the part and we quickly memorized his lines.  With all of this being said, he wasn't nervous since he already had experience and had weeks to prepare instead of hours.

Lyndon is in the red.

Lyndon spoke first.

After the adorable play the families enjoy a meal followed by a visit from St. Nick.

Anticipating the arrival of Santa.

All of the students did a wonderful job presenting the Christmas Play to all! 

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