Thursday, April 5, 2012

School Easter Egg Hunt

Lyndon had his 3rd Grade Easter Egg Hunt today at the park.  Before his hunt his teachers treated his class to the movie HOP and an EGG TOSS!  Lyndon had a blast today!


GET SET......


& in a few minutes it was OVER!  Wow, they can gather a lot of eggs in a small amount of time!

 **Lyndon wasn't excited about his egg hunt yesterday and woke up with a tummy ache this morning.  I finally figured out the reason for his fret.... Lyndon gave up candy for lent this year and was worried about his temptation to eat candy as his classmates would be munching away.  He was worried he would sin.
After explaining that there would be cookies and other treats he could have and the kids would be playing, not sitting around eating candy, he felt much better.  I know Jesus would be proud of his sacrifice, as I am!

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