Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Almost Complete Surprise Room Redo

Lyndon went away with my parents last weekend for their yearly "Memere & Pepere" weekend with the grandkids.  I have been planning to redo his bedroom for months, but have been waiting for the time and perfect chance....this was it.  I dropped him off Friday afternoon and quickly began to strip his bed and walls and begin painting.  BEFORE:

By Saturday afternoon I was finished except for hanging his light fixture and accessorizing and organizing.  Luckily Cody helped me with the light fixture which turned into a 2 hour job-not fun, just ask Cody!
Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of Lyndon's surprised face, because he previously thought that he lost his DS and was upset.  He was definitely exhausted after his weekend of fun!

  I still need 3 more curtain panels-I bought the wrong size, as well as his ceiling, crown molding, and his very frustrating closet doors (they will not stay on the rollers).  Lyndon is happy with the way it looks now, but I can't wait for the finished room!!!


  1. Looks great! Wow you really busted it out!

  2. love it....you did work fast(way faster then me) Looks great!!!

  3. Looks great! What a neat surprise.

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