Saturday, October 27, 2012

Help Please!

I have tried several attempts to upload pictures for my next post; however, apparently I have used my 1GB of allowable photos.  It appears my option are to delete pictures from old post which I do NOT want to do or buy more storage which I also do NOT want to do!!!  Any suggestions on another option....????


  1. The 27th must be "the date", because this is happening to me, too. It happened two years ago and I was able to buy tons more storage for $5.00 per year. NOW the cost for half the purchased storage is $2.49 PER MONTH!! Rip off! I did notice that "files under a certain size" do not count against you and you can still upload those. So, my suggestion would be to just make sure your photos are the smallest size possible.

    (For instance, I was working on an Elections post on my homeschool blog and tried to upload a stock photo that was about 200KG. It told me I was over my limit. But then I went and found a much smaller stock photo, at about 20 KG, and it let me upload it.)

    I would imagine that's all you can do.

    TOTALLY irritating, I know!!!

    1. Thank you Nicole! I already resize my photos, but not to the smallest size possible. I will try make them smaller. Thank you for your tips!

  2. Oh no! I didn't even know this was a possibility. I hope you find an easy fix.