Saturday, October 20, 2012

Homecoming & Everyday Joys

This coyote was in our backyard one afternoon.  I don't think he purposefully was in our backyard; they were swathing hay grazer beside the house and I think he was disturbed.

Lyndon helps the librarian at school on certain days a week. He was working when I took my class to the library so he read to them.  It was a great treat for Momma too. :-)

I decorated for our alumni Homecoming meal and dance.

Lyndon sporting last years mum!...It was still in great shape so why not?

Lyndon decided that instead of attending the homecoming game he wanted to invite a friend over and sleep in the tent.  They worked very hard at constructing the tent, but did require some assistance.

& star gazing.

The next day Aubrey spent the night so back in the tent we slept.  Cody and I really wish we would've put the air-up mattress down....2 nights on the ground is hard!!!

Lyndon made a rosary at CCD especially for PaPa Charlie Boy's grave.  He customized the colors of red, white, & blue and camo for PaPa's dedication to the service.

We went out to place it one day after school.

I love this!!!!!  Cody is usually on breakfast and lunch packing duty and does a great job.  Lyndon has put his request on the mirror.

Practicing football with his new football.

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  1. Loved reading your last two posts. I can't wait to have Lyndon in class next year! Loved the decorations you created for Homecoming - so talented.