Thursday, December 6, 2012


Lyndon painted a pumpkin at art.  His creation even had a 3D wart!

Lyndon was an astronaut this year.  His request were for something to disguise him and cover his head.  He decided on the astronaut and had a lot of fun with his costume especially the backpack!

Lyndon's backpack tricked lots of people-we didn't even plan it. Inside the front cover there is a horizontal flap but it in only sewed to the bag on two opposite sides...we candy is placed inside the candy falls to the bottom and at first glance the backpack looks empty.  As Lyndon went to homes he just turned around for them to place his treat inside.  House after house we heard, "Well this poor little kid doesn't have any candy!"  They always put in a little extra.  Of course Lyndon LOVED that part!

We Trick-or-Treated with friends complete with a hay ride!  It was a lot of fun for all!  We even drove out to the cemetery before calling it a night.

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