Monday, October 14, 2013

First Day of 5th Grade....a.k.a. MIDDLE SCHOOL

Lyndon's first day of 5th Grade had him extremely nervous.  He was nervous throughout the summer thinking about his first day.  We toured the school twice, met with the principal, & of course he already new who his teachers were.  I was extremely nervous as well for him.  I was mostly sad; as he has always been in my building and I would see him in the hall, or walk by his classroom and glance through the window as I passed by and none of this would be possible anymore.

Lyndon's 1st Day of school gifts: a new Webkinz (pig), scapula medal, & a Notre Dame wallet for lunch money.

You can see the nerves in Lyndon as he has trouble smiling.  He told me on the way to school that he thought he was going to be sick.  So sad he was that nervous.

Traditional 1st Day of School Pictures.

He had me & Cody walk him into school, put his backpack up, and even wanted us to walk him to the cafeteria.  Of course we did!!!!

  I was on pins and needles all day to see how his day went.  I couldn't wait until 3:00 to pick him up.  He walked to the car and was all smiles...."The 4th Grade Teachers were right.....I LOVE 5th Grade!"  That made this momma feel so much better!

Lyndon survived his 1st Day of 5th Grade!

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