Monday, July 18, 2011

Lyndon CAN Water ski!!!!!!

We spent our weekend at the lake and Lyndon and Carl tubbed the days away!  Due to the lack of rain and extreme heat I made them wear nose clips which they didn't enjoy the first time, but they quickly became accustomed to wearing them.

We tried to teach the boys to water ski and they both did GREAT!  I was in the water on a tutorial raft to help them.  Lyndon skied 3 times for about 100 yards each time.

This picture is out of order, but we went to visit PaPa on Sunday after church.  It was great to see him.

Lyndon wanted to try to do everything himself from putting his skis on, getting the rope, and pulling himself up, but the wind didn't cooperate.  He was determined to continue trying but we knew due to the wind it would just make him frustrated, so we will try next time.


  1. WooHoo~Way To Go Lyndon! That is great!!! I have still yet to learn to ski, I am so apprehensive about skiing......I just tell Brant "I am a tuber"-hehe. I may have to get Lyndon to teach me ;)

  2. Way to go Lyndon! We're y'all at PK?? We are going to the lake (PK) with friends next weekend... I can't wait!!