Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekend with Memere & Pepere

Saturday morning Memere & Pepere took the grandkids to Wichita for swimming and fun!  No parents aloud! :-)  Actually we stopped by the hotel that evening for goodnight hugs & kisses.  Cody took me out on a date.  I wanted to go to Toys'R Us as they were having a huge sale.  I have most of my Christmas bought!-Yeah!!!

The 1st stop was Olive Garden for lunch.

2nd was the Red River Nature Center for viewing and even touching.

Lyndon was excited to see my reaction when he told me he held a snake.  It was a worm snake and it is actually so small in the pictures that I would consider it more of a worm.  Of course if I was to see it on my patio I would probably scream and holler and call Cody to come kill the 'huge' snake! :-)

Then it was off to Homewood Suites for swimming!

& pizza delivery!

Carl even lost a tooth!

Off to the pool on Sunday!

What a great weekend!  Lyndon even came home with a case of shark teeth from the nature center.  
Thank you Memere & Pepere for such a FUN weekend!

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  1. Grandparents are the best! I have so many memories of vacations with mine--I love that my boys' grandparents do the same with them.

    Our Rangers tickets came from the bank in Olney (same bank basically). There were some Seymour people a few rows in front of us--I bet they had the Seymour bank's tickets. We had a fun time!

    I'm jealous that you already have your shopping done! I did that a few summers ago and it was wonderful. I haven't done it again, though.