Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Day

We arrived in Tucson on Christmas Eve.  After visiting with family it was time to get to bed so Santa could stop by.

Lyndon sprinkled his reindeer food.

He picked out the perfect cookies and left Egg Nog this year.
 Then it was off to bed.  Lyndon was extremely excited this year and couldn't stop giggling so he could go to sleep.
Santa found Lyndon and definitely spoiled him!

  Austen also made a snow angel outside on the side walk for Lyndon even though their wasn't any snow anywhere else.....and he wrote Lyndon notes all over the bathroom mirrors.  
 After church we celebrated a wonderful Christmas at Grandmemere's with a delicious meal.

 Then it was time for presents.

Lyndon giving Grandmemere her present from us: an ibook of Lyndon from December 2010-December 2011.

Lyndon's quarterback book from Memere and Pepere.

Helping Memere open the necklace and earrings we bought for her.

Autumn playing with one of her many toys!
Unfortunately the whole family wasn't able to celebrate together, but we were able to see everyone before we headed home.

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