Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Fort

Over MLK weekend Lyndon & Carl designed and began constructing a fort at Momma & Daddy's.  They dug 4 three foot holes all by themselves and then had Cody put the corner post up for them.

They are making their walls out of pallets and left over materials they have gathered.

They borrowed Cody's drill (yikes!) and bought their own screws at the local lumber yard.
They had a wonderful time and Lyndon was exhausted.  They already have plans about the next time Carl is in.  
Nothing is more fun to a child than playing with cousins....I can remember lots of fun times growing up. Too bad Lyndon doesn't get to see his cousins more often....

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  1. Cousins are the best! I love seeing little boys be boys! A rare sight these days, your doing a great job:)