Saturday, February 25, 2012

County Livestock Show

Lyndon showed Doc and Slinky at the county livestock show in January.  He did a great job, learned a lot, and had a lot of fun!

First he showed Doc and received 2nd place in his class which made Lyndon very excited.  Doc was Lyndon's better pig, but he had several set backs before the show.  Luckily he was able to over come them to be shown.

Then Lyndon showed Slinky.  Slinky was more or less friendship and support for Doc, but since we worked with her as well Lyndon wanted to show her.  She wasn't easy to train and definitely had a mind of her own, which was NEVER what we had in mind.....she had NO desire to WALK and preferred to RUN wherever she went!  Thankfully she decided to take Lyndon's guides in the show ring and actually placed 3rd in her class.

Lyndon waiting for showmanship to begin.

Daddy taking it in and figuring it all out.

Learning from others.

Showmanship was what I would call a ZOO!  There were so many kids and pigs I don't know how they stayed with their animal.  :-) Showmanship is divided into two levels at our show, junior (3rd grade-8th grade) and senior (9th grade-12 grade).  There are defiantly more kids showing in the junior division.

Lyndon did great and I was very proud of him.  He listened to all of the tips from the adults and tried very hard.

Doc decided this was too much for him and he decide to lay down and rest.  Lyndon did a great job of staying calm and encouraging Doc to get back on his feet.

When it was all over he still had a smile on his face....which is what it definitely is about!
I have never been so nervous for Lyndon before.  I wasn't nervous for rankings, but wanted Lyndon to have fun, enjoy what he was doing, and to not be nervous.  I was worried about his feelings and when Doc laid down I was terrified Lyndon would become upset....of course he surprised me (he thought it was funny) and did a great job!
Lyndon made the premium sale with Doc which he was very excited about!

 Memere and Pepere graciously were the highest bidder for Lyndon and Doc.  Lyndon also had several other very generous individuals and businesses who also supported him in the livestock show.  Thank you to all of you!
The stock show wouldn't be the successful experience that it is without all of the generous supporters in and around our hometown!

Congratulations to ALL of the participants!

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