Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fort Worth Livestock Show

 Lyndon showed Doc in the Fort Worth Livestock Show the first week in February.  FWL was a HUGE learning experience.  Lyndon was very intimidated at first, but quickly became comfortable and was excited for turn in the show ring.

Sprucing up!

Trying to get a good pictures of both was quiet the challenge!

Doc was as excited as Lyndon to be in the show ring!

Lyndon did a wonderful job; however he wasn't pinned.

Waiting in line with Daddy for his sifting ticket.  Lyndon was very brave during this process as it is extremely difficult for the children to see their 'PET' loaded on the truck.  Doc has had a life that the normal pig doesn't (inside living, heat lamps, clean living quarters, and specially prepared meals) since birth!  Yes, it was harder on me than Lyndon-the thought upsets me, but more so is seeing Lyndon upset.  At one point Lyndon (aka Bacon Lover) vowed to never eat bacon again if Doc could just come home and be our pet.  Sadly, selling and or processing the livestock project is as much of the learning experience as the care.  Ideally, we can't keep every animal we raise and Lyndon agreed he would rather sell him than process him.

Lyndon and his participation ribbon in front of the hundreds of names of the participants.

 It looks like Lyndon was one of two in his class, which couldn't be farther from the truth!!!!!!  He was just at the bottom on a new sheet of paper.

We are VERY proud of you, Lyndon and all that you have learned in your 1st year of 4-H!

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