Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Rest of the Show

Here are pictures of Lyndon in the practice/exercising ring.

Discussing it with Daddy.

Doing a great job of keeping Doc's head up.

Outside of the barns.

A hotel with an indoor pool is always a MUST!

After the pressures of the show were over Lyndon wanted to explore the museum.  Jaedon also wanted to see the museum.

The biggest 'Night Bright' ever?????

One of Cody's favorites-tornado.

Building the HUGE domino structure all to just knock it over.

I LOVED this art.


custom made paper airplanes.


Cody hadn't been to the Ft. Worth Water Gardens so Lyndon insisted on taking him before dinner one night.  It wasn't this dark-my camera just takes horrible pictures when the sun isn't out.
Lyndon and Cody walked all the way to the bottom-I didn't, the last time I tried it made me dizzy.

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