Thursday, March 15, 2012

Keystone, Colorado

My attempt to capture the fireworks on the Summit.

 We headed to Keystone for Spring Break this year.  Ricky and Charlotte stayed with us which was a lot of fun.  Lyndon and a friend have been creating a business and Lyndon brought it along on the trip.  This was his attempt to get shopers.

 Of course he made several sales.

The first place I booked sold so we were moved to this place which wasn't quiet as nice, but it did have an extra bedroom-not that we needed one, but.....

Lyndon LOVED the tub!

The room Lyndon picked out!

Waiting to go to the hot tub!

The kitchen in the 1st place was AWESOME!  I missed that for sure.

When we first arrived of course I had to unpack and get everything situated and Lyndon wanted to shovel all of the snow off of the balcony, so that is what he did.

Frozen waterfalls.


Kyle came to ski the first day.

My little skier!

Lyndon worked all week on his 'snow spray'.  He became very good at it and I was usually his target. :-)

Our family group & John.

We night skied for the first time and it was a lot of fun-most people didn't ski at night so it left the slopes empty for us.  We stopped at the bottom of each hill to let everyone catch up.

Cody pointing the way!

Fun in the Gondola.

Lyndon's silly pic.

Family pictures!

The 2nd skier is Lyndon skiing down his hill!
  Several other families from our hometown were also in Keystone and it was fun to meet up with them as well.  We had a lot of fun and can't wait to see where we will get to go next year.

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