Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our Toned Down Christmas Decor

We toned down our Christmas decorations this year due to time, a bathroom reno, & spending our Christmas out of town.  We didn't put up a tree in the master or the dining room.  We also didn't put a 'REAL' tree in the living room, but instead used the dining tree in the living room.

We love Christmas Cards!  They truly are a gift.

Our new ornaments-I remember playing with a view finder as a child!

Bought this on our snow skiing vacation.

A gift from my grandmother.

After Christmas sale last year.

Lyndon's collection is growing....I hope his wife loves this collection someday..... :-)!

Lyndon's new tree.

I have acquired too many decorations and plan to sort them next year as well as reorganize them.  Less wasn't less, but was more!

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